Series 108S
Series 108S
Series 108S
Series 108S

Series 108S

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This Duvall recycled sweatshirts with the front to back raw edge geometric appliqué, which we had handcrafted from a men's suiting pant. Giving this sweatshirt a cool street vibe, but artistic at the same time. This piece will be great for a night on the town, or just chilling with friends. This one-off piece is special and unique, all handcrafted in our studio in Frogtown, LA.


Size Specs:

  • Shoulder - 22.5
  • Body Length - 27
  • Chest Width - 22
  • Sleeve Length - 24

                         1/ S           2/ M           3/ L          4/ XL

Shoulder            20-21        21-22        23-24        25-26

Body Length       21-23        24-26        27-29        30-32

Chest Width       21-22.5     23-24.5     25-26.5      27-29

Sleeve Length     21-22        22-23        24-25        25-26


We are unique

Part of the charm of owning upcycled clothing is that no two garments will ever look the same. Because of the content of the original garment and our hand dye process, each garment will dye a little different from another. Some will have small rips and tears, some will have raw edges, some will be a bit off-kilted. But neither the less, you are guaranteed to have a one-of-a-kind experience when you purchase an upcycled garment from us. It’s as unique as you are.